Resilient Gardens

The resilient orchards are implemented from the agroecological strategy and with attention to climate change, which implies food cultivation practices without deterioration of the environment, responds to limited conditions of water availability, for which reason a drip irrigation mechanism is included and in some cases of rainwater collection.

Planting of Fruit Trees

The planting of fruit trees in urban areas is due to boosting the population’s interest in recovering and maintaining tree cover in the city that contributes to reducing the effects of climate change at the local level.

Agrosilvopastoral practices

Through a comprehensive training strategy for landowners and ranchers located in one of the basins that supply water to the city of Xalapa, in order to strengthen local communities in the face of the effects of climate change and reduce their vulnerability to events such as landslides and landslides.

Soil conservation and sustainable agriculture

This activity focuses on the diversification of agricultural activities and conservation of forests and soils, through the implementation of best practices in tilling the land and using enrichment and soil management techniques, it can even provide options for means of more resilient lives.

Infiltration gardens

The construction of a system of infiltration galleries will help reduce waterlogging and possible flooding of a main transit area and infiltrate it into the ground to guarantee the availability of water for the vegetation, as well as provide a green space for those who wait outside the hospital (green waiting room).

Absorption Wells

An infiltration well is an engineering work that allows the artificial recharge of the aquifer.

Edible mushroom production

It is an activity aimed at strengthening food self-sufficiency, carried out by groups of people who live in peri-urban areas.

Repopulation of Coffee Plantations

The term reforestation is synonymous with reforestation and refers to the introduction of the forest mass in a land that already possessed it previously in a relatively close time.