The vulnerability studies allow identifying the areas of greatest danger from weather-related events (such as landslides, landslides, floods, etc.) based on the exposure, sensitivity and adaptive capacity of the analyzed territory. They are carried out through participatory processes and climatic scenarios that integrate climatic, environmental and socioeconomic variables at the same time.

The analyzes also allow estimating the risk of loss of ecosystem services and therefore the potential needs for adaptation to climate change. This exercise is the basis for designing and implementing nature-based solutions to strengthen the resilience of communities in urban and peri-urban systems.

For more information on the stage-by-stage development of a vulnerability analysis, you can go to the Methodology tab.


Vulnerability study to climate change in Xalapa and Tlalnelhuayocan, Veracruz

October 2019

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Socio-environmental vulnerability assessment
in the Arenal Monserrat micro-basin, San Salvador

February 2020

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Climate Vulnerability Mapping of Kep City, Cambodia

May, 2020

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