For cities in Latin America
and the Caribbean

Practical guide for the identification, design, implementation and monitoring of Nature-based Solutions (NbS) for the cities of Latin America and the Caribbean


Vulnerability analysis and identification of hotspots for Nature-based Solutions (NbS)
NbS design
NbS Implementation

Monitoring and evaluation of NBS

NbS Guides

The CityAdapt project, funded by the GEF and implemented by the United Nations Environment Programme, promotes climate resilience in urban areas through the implementation of Nature-Based Solutions (NbS) for adaptation to climate change.

Leveraging CityAdapt’s experience in 3 Latin American cities: Xalapa, San Salvador and Kingston, this guide explains practical methods to identify (Module 1), design (Module 2), implement (Module 3) and monitor (Module 4) NbS in urban contexts. This includes using different types of data, assessing risks and vulnerability, facilitating NbS exploration through participatory workshops, ensuring implementation and then scaling up, replication and monitoring. This guide seeks to support different actors in the urban territory in the decision-making process with tools and examples to effectively apply NBS, build capacities and facilitate the implementation of strategies for resilient urban planning and development.


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