Soil conservation and sustainable agriculture


This activity focuses on the diversification of agricultural activities and conservation of forests and soils, through the implementation of best practices in tilling the land and using enrichment and soil management techniques, it can even provide options for means of more resilient lives.

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  • El Salvador
  • Mexico


  • 100 %



  • Periurban
  • Rural


Soil conservation and sustainable agriculture

In Mexico, through a reforestation strategy in conjunction with local authorities, an enrichment of the species present in the urban property destined for conservation is sought. It is expected to accelerate the process of natural succession, promote biological connectivity with urban green spaces and protected natural areas, offer resting and perching spaces for birds, amphibians and small mammals present in the ecosystem, and a green space that offers multiple ecosystem services to families in the area.

In El Salvador, the implementation of a demonstration plot shows the measures carried out on coffee farms such as infiltration ditches, live barriers, dead barriers, sediment measurement, and a combination of crops between coffee and aroma cocoa has also been used. , with the objective of demonstrating that Cocoa under current climatic conditions can develop at more than 800 meters above sea level.



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