Inauguration of the Community garden – Cantón Finca El Espino

As part of the celebration of Earth Day on Thursday, April 22, 2021, the CityAdapt project in San Salvador held the inauguration of the Community Garden, Cantón Finca El Espino. The event highlighted the importance of the implementation of Nature-based Solutions (NbS) with the communities, with the participation of the community of the Cantón Finca El Espino.

The resilient community garden is considered as an intervention of Ecosystem based Adaptation, capable of responding to the food necessities of a community, as well as facing the impacts of climate change that increases the vulnerability of the population’s livelihoods.

This intervention is designed to timely and effectively meet the demand for water resources in periods of water shortage, through the implementation of a drip irrigation system, which regulates the distribution of water by providing the minimum required by the crops.

On the other hand, given the threats of water excess, a detailed planning of the ideal crops to be planted was carried out for both dry and rainy seasons, in addition to creating drainage systems to reduce the probability of water saturation in the soil.

Finally, it should be noted that this community garden is being received and promoted by the women and young people of the community of the Finca El Espino canton. It is an opportunity for these sectors of society to strengthen their livelihoods: the training carried out by the project accompanies them in the production of food for their daily consumption and possible staggering of the measure at the local level.

The event was developed with representatives of the different key stakeholders of the project. On behalf of the central government, Ing. Gabriel Cortez, MARN territorial technician, accompanied the community represented by Lidia Ramirez, vice president of the El Espino cooperative, Julio Meléndez deputy executive director of FUNDASAL and Georgina Mariona Technical Assistant of the CityAdapt Project.

You can watch the video of the event in Spanish here.

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