How to implement climate action in cities?

Miércoles 4 de octubre 2023

Converting ideas into solid and financeable projects is one of the main obstacles that cities face when developing climate action plans. Many proposals for low-carbon and climate-resilient infrastructure never make it to the investment phase.

In this session, organized by the IDB, we will explore how various organizations mobilize the technical resources that cities need to develop projects that are attractive to investors.

Through the experience of C40’s Urban Shift program, CityAdapt, and the IDB’s City Lab in pilot projects for climate change adaptation in the cities of San Salvador, Santo Domingo, and Xalapa, we will highlight the importance of gathering best practices, seeking new forms of financing, and collaborating to drive innovative local solutions.

The event was broadcast in Spanish, English, and Portuguese.


Opening, Closing, and Moderation:

  • Maria Camila Uribe, Coordinator of the IDB Cities Network, Lead Specialist in the IDB’s Housing and Urban Development Division


  • Case: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Rainwater Harvesting Project from the IDB Cities Lab for Human Consumption
    • Carolina Piedrafita, Coordinator of the IDB Cities Lab, Senior Specialist in the IDB’s Housing and Urban Development Division
    • Amín Serulle, Coordinator of Component III, Strengthening Tourist Management in the Program for Tourism Promotion in the Colonial City (PFTCC), Ministry of Tourism, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • Case: San Salvador, El Salvador, Joint Project by CityAdapt and the IDB Cities Lab on Vegetative Cover Modules
    • Alex Chavéz, Environmental Specialist at the Office of Metropolitan Area Planning of San Salvador (OPAMSS), San Salvador, El Salvador
  • Case: Xalapa, Mexico, CityAdapt Project
    • Sergio Angón, National Coordinator of CityAdapt in Xalapa, Mexico

Panel Discussion:

  • CityAdapt – Marta Moneo Lain, Climate Change Adaptation Program Officer, United Nations Environment Programme
  • UrbanShift Programs – Matheus Ortega, Director of Climate Action at the C40 Cities UrbanShift Team



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