The cities of Latin America and the Caribbean face significant challenges to adapt to climate change: in addition to technical, administrative and economic challenges, the adaptation capacity of cities is subject to access to financing. Finance is often identified as a key determinant of vulnerability to climate change, however, climate action can be incorporated into the legal and economic mechanisms that govern the planning and decision-making process, thus ensuring that governments locals adapt their financing schemes to increase their climate resilience. This webinar will introduce theoretical and practical elements on economic instruments, public policies and the bases of urban development in which the implementation of climate action in the region can be integrated, particularly in relation to Solutions based on Nature.


Panelists and Presentations:

  • Melinda Lis Maldonado, professor lawyer at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, gave a presentation on Financing climate change: urban and tax instruments

  • Gabriela Morales, manager of water management and green infrastructure in the WRI Mexico Cities program, made her presentation on How to finance Nature-Based Solutions for the water security and resilience of cities.