From October to December 2020, 45 professionals from 14 Latin American and Caribbean countries participated in the online course “Climate action and financing in cities: Nature-based solutions as a mechanism for adaptation in Latin America and the Caribbean“. The course was instructed in Spanish

This virtual course was launched by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) in collaboration with EUROCLIMA +, the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and Practical Action in Latin America. Its objective was to strengthen the capacities of the officials who work in planning and decision-making in the urban environment so that they can incorporate Nature based Solutions.

Throughout the 8-weeks course, with 6 weeks of class and 2 weeks of practical work sessions, information was provided to incorporate methods and tools that contribute to implementing and financing climate change mitigation and adaptation, with an emphasis on monitoring and evaluation of Nature-based Solutions (NBS). The course included evaluation and prioritization methods, exploration and validation tools, environmental and legal bases, economic and public policy instruments, as well as financing, monitoring and verification tools and mechanisms.

The course brochure, with additional information on its implementation, can be downloaded here.

The recordings of the sessions, slides of the tutors and all the additional information (in Spanish) are available at the following link: