• Guías SbN

    Guías SbN

    Launching of the NbS Guidelines
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  • 10/2020


    Launching of the online course “Financing and climate action in cities”
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  • 07/2020

    Signing of financing agreements with NGOs in San Salvador, Xalapa and Kingston for the implementation of activities

  • 04/2020

    Launch of the project website

  • 08/2019


    Launch of the CityAdapt name, logo and identity manual of the project

  • 05/2019


    Signing of the cooperation agreement with UN Women for the implementation of activities in San Salvador and Xalapa

  • 03/2019

    Ecosystem-based adaptation measures exploration workshop held in each city between March and May

  • 02/2019

    Realization of the Steering Committee of the project, via skype

  • 06/2018


    ALTERRA technical consultancy begins – Wageningen University

  • 03/2018

    Installation of the technical committee with representatives of the government, academia and civil society in each city between February and June

  • 10/2016

    Project approval by GEF

  • 07/2015

    EbA measures validation workshop with key actors in each country

  • 03/2015

    Workshop to identify EbA measures Consultation with key stakeholders in each country

  • 03/2014

    GEF approved concept

  • 01/2014


    Proposal sent to GEF