A case study on water harvesting

The CityAdapt project promotes the collective management of local water resources and systems that contribute to the sustainable use and maintenance of water provision and regulation services.

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Building climate resilience in urban systems through NbS

This case study on the construction of climate resilience in urban systems through NBS in Xalapa is a synthesis of the study on socio-environmental vulnerability as a baseline to identify possible NbS measures.

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StoryMaps are applications to visualize certain results of the methodological guides, the uses of tools, participatory processes and the implementation of Nature-based Solutions (SbN) developed within the framework of CityAdapt. This case study of the rapid identification and assessment of SbN in Kingston outlines the steps to estimate the costs and benefits of pilot actions.

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NbS to prevent and minimize climate risks

This StoryMap shows the direct consequences of storms Amanda and Cristóbal that hit El Salvador between May 31 and June 6, 2020, and the Nature-based Solutions that are implemented to mitigate those risks.

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Identifying NBS in the Arenal Montserrat

This case study of the NbS in San Salvador shows the participatory process of identification and implementation of actions in the Arenal Monserrat basin

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